Telephone Consultations

Healthwise Medical Centre is always looking after your health.

When you become a patient of Healthwise, you immediately

qualify to have a Bulk Billed telephone consultation.  Your doctor

will quickly assess your medical condition and provide you with

access to prescriptions, referrals and any pathology or radiology

tests that you may require. 

It's important to know that they may also feel the need to see you

to conduct further examination at our centre. However the

telephone consult is a great way to get the answers that you need.

Telephone consults gives you access to your doctor without having

the need to go to the medical centre and telephone consults are a great starting point to keep you on track with your health especially during Covid times.

7 Easy steps to make a Telephone Consultation
  1. Call reception and request a telephone consult with your doctor.

  2. The receptionist will give you a range of times for your appointment ie between 10.00 and 10.30 of Thursday. This is the time slot where you doctor will call you. Please keep this time free.

  3. Please be patient, keep in mind that your doctor may be delayed due to an unforeseen emergency. 

  4. Your doctor will call you and conduct a consultation over the telephone

  5. They will let you know how you can access any of the prescriptions or referrals that you may need. (most times they will be sent directly to the chemist of your choice or pathology laboratory near you.)

  6. Your appointment will be bulk billed after the consult. 

  7. You are free to go about your daily activities.

To make a telephone consultation

                   CALL 07 5536 8811

Please note: Telephone consultations can only be given to existing patient of Healthwise Medical Centre. You can easily become a patient of Healthwise by attending the centre for your first appointment.