Severs Disease


Inflammation and pain around the growth plate in the heel especially in the physically active.  this is due to the growth ossification of bone in the heel growing faster than the surrounding soft tissue.  Therefore pulling the achilles tendon painfully tight.


Severs Disease is more common in Children who are very active and play sports tat involve a lot of running and jumping.  eg soccer, football, dancers, cross country, athletics, gymnastics and netball.



  • Can be mild to very painful
  • Pain in back of the heel
  • Pain during exercise
  • Increased pain levels post exercise
  • Limping or walking on toes
  • Redness and inflammation around the heel that can be painful to touch or squeeze 


How we can help: Our Podiatrist will assess and may design specific heel wedges or orthotics to alleviate the symptoms and rectify the issue.  A stretching program and other specific advice may be given to reduce the time that the child is affected by Severs.  Leah has had good success in the past with this problem.