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At Healthwise Medical Centre, Kathleen Richards, Podiatrist, has a vast amount of experience in treating foot pain and lower limb complaints with great success. 


Kathy, our experienced Podiatrist, can help you with the following conditions and more: 

Heel or Arch Pain

Inflammation of the thick band of connective tissue (planta fascia) extending along the sole of the foot from the heel towards the toes.  Affects 10% population over time and would be one of the most common foot complaints. This inflammation creates...

Severs Disease

inflammation and pain around the growth plate in the heel especially in the physically active.  this is due to the growth ossification of bone in the heel growing faster than the surrounding soft tissue.  Therefore pulling the achilles tendon painfully tight...

Ingrown Toenails

Ingrown toenails are a commonly treated condition in podiatry practice. Typically, ingrown toenails occur when a piece of nail digs into the skin at the end or side of the toe. This can cause pain, redness, swelling and infection to the area...

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Fungal Problems

A common condition that disfigures and can destroy toenails. Usually more common in little and big toes. Toenails can be brittle, crumbly or have rough edges, thick, separated from the nail bed...


Bunions are one of the most common foot issues seen by a Podiatrist. It is described as a bony lump at the base of the big toe. Generally, your big toe points towards the second toe and this causes a bony bump to form.

The inflammed area is painful and can...

Diabetes Footcare

Diabetes creates many issues in the body and affect the feet with poor circulation to the extremities of the body and reduced blood supply to peripheral nerves of the lower limbs. In the early stages, minimal effects from Diabetes may be...

Children's Feet

Is your infant suffering from poor balance or constant tripping? Developing feet can have a tendancy to roll in or out.  This may cause balance or walking problems.  Toe walking, tripping, falling or the child complaining about sore legs may be signs that the feet are developing incorrectly...

Orthotic Prescriptions

Custom Orthotics are a functional device that are designed specifically to your foot in order treat or correct certain biomechanical disorders in the feet and body. A plaster cast or foot mould is taken of both feet to correct your foot function...

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Please Note: If you have any issue or concern (listed here or not), please schedule an appointment with our Podiatrist.

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