Diabetes Footcare


Diabetes creates many issues in the body and affect the feet with poor circulation to the extremities of the body and reduced blood supply to peripheral nerves of the lower limbs. In the early stages, minimal effects from Diabetes may be dryness of skin around the toes or a tingling in the toes, especially at night.


This may progress to minor or complete numbness particularly on the sole of the foot, which means that you lose your protective sensation and may lead to injuries.  Reduced circulation also impacts on the ability to transport oxygen and nutrients to the feet.  In the most severe cases, amputation of the foot may be required.


it is important to manage and monitor your feet.  Diabetes Australia recommend that Diabetics should have an annual consulation with a Podiatrist.


How we can help: Our Podiatrist is able to perform diagnostic tests which record and monitor your circulation and assess your sensation at the extremities while working together with your doctor to manage your Diabetes.  We will also provide assistance for the treatment of corns, calluses, nail care or ingrown toenails if required. Maintain an annual Podiatry assessment so that any changes to your foot condition will be recorded.