Children's Feet


Is your infant suffering from poor balance or constant tripping? 


Developing feet can have a tendancy to roll in or out.  This may cause balance or walking problems.  Toe walking, tripping, falling or the child complaining about sore legs may be signs that the feet are developing incorrectly.


You should see our Podiatrist if you are worried about your child's feet or gait. Problematic symptoms may include:

  • Abnormally shaped toes

  • Sore legs

  • Ingrown toenails

  • Bunions or other deformities

  • Stiffness in the foot

  • Limping

  • The child complains of pain while walking

  • Severe in-toeing or out-toeing

  • Flat feet beyond the age of five years

  • A sudden change in the way your child walks

  • If your child isn't walking at all by two years of age


How we can help: Our Podiatrist can help by educating the parents on what to do. Customised in-shoe padding or strapping, orthotics, stretching and strengthening routines may be recommended. Please ensure that you visit our Podiatrist to have your child assessed so that better outcomes can be achieved.