About Our Clinical Staff

Dr Mazi Agah

General Practitioner

As well as general medicine, Dr Mazi Agah has undergone extensive training in Skin cancers. His thorough nature and expertise has helped many patients to be skin cancer fee. His medical knowledge will always point you in the right direction.  Mazi is only to happy to help you.

Dr Sandra Miles

General Practitioner

Dr Sandra Miles is here to care for you and your family. Sandra has a particular interest in general medicine and is sensitive to the needs of our elderly patients. Sandra is easy to relate to and you will feel secure when finding a clear path for your overall health plan. Sandra is always happy to help you.

Dr Dara Bogdanovic

Dr Dara extensive experience in general medicine allows her to help you with your most pressing needs. Her thorough nature will give you the confidence to move forward towards a healthier you. 

Dr Brett Lynam

General Practitioner


Brett's passion for medicine extends to helping patients of all ages. Dr Brett Lynam is a highly skilled doctor that has a strong ability to gain an understanding of your issues so that he can give you the best advice that you deserve. 

Dr Richard Stuckey

General Practitioner


Dr Richard Stuckey loves general medicine.  Richard also has a special interest with the treatment of back issues .  He has studied and practiced Nesfield's Treatment and Prolotherapy Treatment for back issues and has clients from all over Australia flying in to gain access to his services. Treatment to assist with mental health issues of his patients. You can read about Dr Stuckey's back treatment by clicking here.

Dr Michael Ward

General Practitioner


Having gained a broad range of experience while practising in the Australia and the US, Michael can provide you with the right guidance to look after your health. Specialising in family medicine Michael is here to help you.

Jean-Mari Mouton



Jean-Mari provides wonderful advice on the right foods to eat for general health, weight loss or combating an illness such as diabetes. Visit us and have a chat to Jean-Mari for the right path to healthy eating and a healthier life.

Kathleen Richards



Kathleen Richards loves to help you with your foot issues. Kathleen is highly experienced in treating heal pain, children's feet complaints, ingrown toenails and all other foot issues. She will have you walking pain free again in no time

Julie Le Franc



Julie Le Franc is a highly experienced psychotherapist who will help you through those difficult times. Julie will be there for you to give you clarity on where you are heading.